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The table below offers a brief insight into the kinds of projects that Class Act has delivered on in the recent past. For more information on any of these projects, please feel free to contact us. 




Gauteng Primary Literacy Strategy GPLS  2011 - 2014 This project operates in the 750 underperforming primary schools in Gauteng. The project aims to significantly improve foundation phase mother tongue and FAL literacy, by a sound set of materials and methodology.
Breadsticks Community Development Project  2009 - 2011 The project focuses on developing four rural communities around the key areas of literacy, care and support, and economic development.  Each site has a community development worker and two IT specialists to operate the project’s community centre.  Two skilled community mentors provide additional support to these people.
Ms Groome designed and implemented the processes to effectively engage and work with the four communities.  She also manages the project’s activities and finances.  Dr Marneweck conducts all relevant supporting research in the project.
Foundation Phase Educator Development  2010 - 2012
This project operates in six wards the Uthukela District of KZN.  The project aims to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of teachers and the monitoring and evaluation skills of Heads of Department (HoDs).

Dr Lorraine Marneweck is responsible for the baseline research which conducts pre- and post-test activities to ascertain levels of curriculum understanding of teachers and school managers.

Ms Groome designs the materials and workshops required to work with teachers and HoDs.
Caring Schools Project Children’s Institute UCT 2008 - 2009
Class Act was contracted to restructure and package the Caring Schools Handbook for use in distance sites. We were also responsible for the implementation of the project in distance sites in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces. The project aimed to mobilize individuals and groups within communities to take action to improve the lives of children.
HE/ Aids Project CEPD 2008
Dr Lorraine Marneweck conducted research at Universities and Higher Education Colleges throughout South Africa to establish strategies in place to support students and staff affected or infected by HIV / Aids.
The Essential Package Pilot Project 2008
Dr Lorraine Marneweck mentored the researcher responsible for writing the project evaluation report. This was funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy. The project looked at strategies of inclusion in school communities and was implemented by MiET.
Project 19 Sadie 2008
Dr Lorraine Marneweck synthesized and analyzed all research data for a research project in 30 schools nationwide, to ascertain examples of good practice around supporting and caring for orphaned and vulnerable children.
SACE 2008
Dr Lorraine Marneweck developed the information brochure for piloting the Continuing Professional Development of Teachers on behalf of the Department of Education.
ABET Department of Labour 2008 - 2009
Class Act was the lead service provider of a consortium delivering Adult Basic Education and Training to 2000 adults in rural Limpopo. Courses offered include Communication in English, TshiVenda, XiTsonga and Sepedi, and Numeracy in English.
Class Act had a team of facilitators delivering training in the Sekhukhune District, and Penny Groome took responsibility for the management of the entire project.
Limpopo-Lipadi Motse Developments 2007 - 2009
This Botswana CSI project involved working with local communities to identify and unpack their developmental needs, establish a company and train members to effectively run that company, and design and manage projects to meet each developmental need.

Penny Groome designed and implemented the processes to effectively engage and work with communities. Lorraine Marneweck conducted all relevant supporting research.
Development of a Strategic Framework for the Professional Development of School Based Educators and Training of Office Based Educators 2006 - 2007
This 3 month project, commissioned by Imbewu and managed by the Eastern Cape Department of Education, resulted in a strategic framework for the development and training of all educators in the Eastern Cape.

Class Act interviewed all relevant stakeholders in the province, including union representatives, HEI representatives, and various Chief Directors within the Department. Dr Lorraine Marneweck conducted a review of local and international best practice, and put together the report and framework that informs all future educator development and training.
National Review of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) 2006 - 2007
This project was commissioned by the National Department of Education, on behalf of the Minister, Naledi Pandor.
Lorraine Marneweck was responsible for researching local and international literature on teacher evaluation.  She also developed questionnaire and interview tools that were used in the data collection process across the provinces.  Penny Groome developed the database used to analyse the questionnaire and interview results. Class Act then developed a comprehensive report that provided a series of recommendations for the IQMS.
Educator Development Programme 2006 - 2008
This Flemish-funded project was implemented in the Uthukela District of KwaZulu Natal.  It focused on enhancing the pedagogic skills of Maths, Science and Language educators.
Lorraine Marneweck developed the approach and materials for the Mathematics intervention; while Penny Groome was similarly involved with developments in isiZulu.

Working together on this project, Dr Marneweck and Ms Groome developed and implemented rigorous ‘train-the-trainers’ manuals and sessions to assist workshop facilitators.
Improving Literacy in the Foundation Phase 2006 - 2008
The New Zealand government funded this project, which was implemented in the Sizonke District of KwaZulu Natal. 
Penny Groome designed the literacy solutions for both isiZulu and isiXhosa.
Working together on this project, Lorraine Marneweck and Penny Groome developed and implemented rigorous ‘train-the-trainers’ manuals to assist workshop facilitators.  Dr Marneweck took responsibility for the management of the project.
Feasibility assessment to guide the customization of a focused ABET programme within the local government sphere 2006
This feasibility study focussed on collecting and analysing data concerning ABET programmes that identify key unit standards to prepare local government employees for sector skills training.
Environmental Curriculum for Schools 2006 - 2007
This project involves the design, development, implementation and monitoring of an Environmental Curriculum for schools.  The product of this work will be aligned to the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) and will incorporate both Outcomes Based Education and Outcomes Based Assessment.
Dr Marneweck conceptualised the monitoring and evaluation processes required for these projects; while Ms Groome manages the implementation and materials development processes.
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